Slide Wendy works across four main workstreams, with specific clients. Associates Wendy Strohm We offer consultancy, advisory and coaching services to a wide variety of business. DEVELOPMENT QUALITY COACHING STRATEGY


With a career in leadership and management and specialism in human resources, Wendy is a non-executive director.  Wendy attained the Financial Times Level 7 Diploma for Non-Executive Directors to accredit her corporate law knowledge and governance experience. 

Wendy holds non-executive director roles for a leadership development organisation, a private training provider, and for a coaching membership body.

Wendy is on the Advisory Board for ATI working collaboratively on business direction and the necessary changes in order to sustain the business future as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

Wendy is Chair of this coach membership body, driving strategic development by the Board and building stakeholder relations to buy in to new modernised membership offer,  Strategic alliances built with other professional bodies, including EMCC and ICF.


Executive Coaching

Wendy has been offering executive and business coaching for around 20 years and has 2000+ coaching practice hours.  She works with senior directors and boards and coaching tends to be mainly with individuals.  Wendy works with change situations, career direction, and problem solving.

Wendy is a Senior Practitioner EMCC, holds an ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, and is a member of the Thinking Environment (Nancy Kline) Collegiate.

Wendy also holds ability and personality type profiling certifications and works with strengths and positivity.

Coaching Supervision

Wendy has been offering coach supervision for around 10 years and has 500+ supervision practice hours.  She works with both individual and group supervision and focuses mainly on normative, formative and restorative techniques.  Wendy is an accredited supervisor with EMCC and holds an ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

We are offering an exciting initiative offering supervision based around topical themes. 

This is Coach Supervision Circle with colleague Nicola Arnold.

Coaching Training

WSA offers a one-day workshop Introduction to Coaching for line managers and anyone who would like to make a start with a coaching style.  This is accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management, where Wendy is a Fellow.


Wendy is an EMCC Global Accreditation Assessor across the range of products.

She specialises in advising organisations towards achieving coaching cultures as a way of working and approach to managing people.

Wendy is an Investors in People Practitioner, advising and guiding organisation to develop their systems and processes by way if investing in their people, towards meeting the framework over a period time, and then maintaining and improving provision. 

Wendy also works with the Investors in Apprenticeships and Investors in Wellbeing frameworks.


Wendy offers training and development across a wide range of leadership and management and human resources topics.  Contracts include the following clients:

We all felt we had enjoyed the course and that you had given us lots to think about! Although some of us were apprehensive when the course started we felt you created a safe and positive environment that helped us to quickly engage with the learning.

Although some of us are comfortable with role play, many of us appreciated using real life situations rather than role play. We also liked that the tools were useful and for the most part not hard to understand.

We appreciated the way you tailored the course, for example using Myers Briggs language that we have a shared understanding of, and giving insights to models that are useful in team/leadership roles.

We all felt we had gained useful tools and approaches not just for a coaching situation but also for coffee machine conversations and for life in general.

Our offices are based in Surrey although most of our work is conducted on client premises or at training venues.

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