530973_notesWe enjoy lasting relationships with our clients and partners and are proud to have received many testimonials for our work, a few of which are featured below.  We are honoured to have repeat business with many clients and to have built the business mainly through word-of-mouth and personal recommendation.  We are happy to provide any further references you may need.



“Wendy had a key role in ensuring both organisations had a harmonious merger and in turn this meant that many staff were retrained to settle in to new roles.  Wendy played a key part in the success of this merger.”

Director of a government department

“WSA Ltd carried out the project with professionalism and were sensitive to the staff perception of such a project; in particular faced with difficult relations amongst members of the Executive Board with conflicting views.  This was managed well enabling the Board members to remain fully engaged with the project.”


“When I took over as ILM Centre Manager, Wendy was extremely helpful in terms of what I needed to put in place and update in terms of Quality Management.  She was very patient with me and when I attended a workshop with her I found it very useful.  The skills she taught me have been put to good use both in the UK and now in the Middle East and I am very grateful for her help and assistance.”

Neil Porter, Campus Veolia

“I have seen Wendy work as a coach, mentor and trainer.  Her priority is always to enable people to become more resourceful and she does this in a sensitive and positive way which allows her to demonstrate her impressive grasp of the professional standards under which she operates.  As an experienced coach Wendy creates a positive environment which provides her clients with the confidence to explore boundaries and establish clear goals.  She does this in a sensitive, practical and structured way enabling people to recognise they are in the safe hands of a professional.”

Peter Stokes, Chesworth Consulting Ltd

“Wendy is a kind and considerate colleague who is focused on the development of people.  Wendy is particularly good at allocating people with tasks and projects that interest them and provide sufficient challenge for them to acquire new skills and knowledge.  Wendy has integrity and demonstrates this in her loyalty and transparency in difficult situations.  It is always a pleasure to work with her.”

Linda Bradley, Learning and Development Manager

“I wanted to jot down a few words to say how useful our coaching sessions turned out to be.  I had what I thought was an impossible mix of business and domestic problems, hopes and plans.  I thought I would never be able to unscramble them and get my projects moving properly.  By applying gentle pressure, making me explain myself to you (and therefore to myself) I’ve managed to find a lot more clarity in what I am doing and I really have managed to make things move forward.  The international project we were talking about has taken a big leap forward in the last few days and I am finding myself considering possibilities that I had thought were way beyond the reach of a small, one-man consultancy like mine.  Thanks very much – I’d recommend this to anyone!”

Brian Whitmey, Kent Training and Management Services

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