WSA Services



Coaching services are offered on a one-to-one personal basis.  Our coaching is outcome focused and we encourage the setting of measurable and achievable goals.  We work with change, behaviour, innovation and strategy situations with positivity.  We contract carefully with clients and use industry-approved coaching agreements.  We uphold the code of ethics of coaching professional associations EMCC, ICF and AoC, as well as the ANLP.  Our coaches are qualified through regulated coaching qualifications, are members of coaching professional associations and receive regular coaching supervision.

Preparation Meeting 

We offer a free of charge pre-coaching meeting to establish the coaching requirements, unpack the issues and establish a proposal of how we can help through a programme of coaching interventions.


This first meeting sets the parameters for the coaching programme, the number of sessions over an appropriate time period, the overall goals with measurable outcomes.

Tools & techniques

All coaching we offer is rooted in the common method GROW.  We use a range of techniques including discussion models, visual aids, story-telling and imagination.  We have a positive and fun approach to our serious work of coaching.  We are happy to share with clients the tools techniques and methods we use, where they come from and how we have adjusted or fine-tuned them.  We believe in assisting our clients to be able to learn to self-coach.

Evaluation & future pacing

Our final coaching session is used to examine the new ways forward and to evaluate the programme.  We spend time in reviewing the actions and transferring this to enable clients to continue the journey of self-awareness and to be able to self-coach following the end of the programme.