Development – Design


We are experienced in designing development packages to best suit your learning needs.  We carry out careful analysis to ensure we fully understand the aims, any specific needs and preferred learning styles before bringing together a proposal for a range of learning methodologies to best attain the outcome.  We design face-to-face training for delivery at conferences, workshops as well as longer programmes of learning, or for short lunch and learn events or webinars.  We design remote learning packages, via workbooks or e-learning.  Experience tells us the best packages involve a mix of methodologies to capture all learning styles.  We design mainly general management and HR skills content, but have also created specialist programmes in coaching, and in teacher training.

Development – Delivery

We believ1331690_chairce people learn best from experiential learning and this has proven to create a better impact on general day-to-day work.  Our designs involve fun activities with a range of group discussions, exercises, tasks and games.  Our delivery style is facilitative as we believe people have all the resources they need to develop – they just need to be shown the way.  We design the programme with our client to ensure we cover all requirements, skills and activities in order to achieve the desired outcomes.  We evaluate the success of our training through survey immediately after and some weeks after the invention.

Development – Qualifications

We are approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management to offer qualifications in coaching, mentoring, leadership and management.  Contact us to discuss your development needs – we can offer accredited training at a range of levels in a wide variety of topics to bring about positive change to your work.