2014/06/30 Flow, Positivity and Thank you

This week I ran a great training programme and I am now reflecting on what made it great.

Certainly I knew my topic and had lots of resources and fun activities for the delegates to get involved with. And, of course, training is one of my favourite things to do so I was also in my element. And, yes, I achieved ‘flow’ – that state where you are lost in the moment, of being so in tune with what you are doing – losing that sense of time and self and being intensely focused.

Oh – and I got some great ratings, positive thank yous and feedback from the delegates too.

But actually, whilst this is great, it is actually not the greatest thing at all. Would I have been able to achieve this flow if the conditions had not been exactly right? And how much influence do I really have on those conditions? Would the delegates have been so enthusiastic, engaged and contributed so positively if the conditions had not been right?

At WSA we work with positivity and so all our interactions are based on a wish to help, assist, share best practice and to generally have a good influence. We firmly believe that being positive inspires positivity in others and makes for a more valuable exchange.

I think what made the training great is all the things that contributed to the day and the positive experience. The arrangements made, the directions given so that the delegates turned up on time with no stresses for their journey. The venue – the welcome at the reception, the room layout, the professional materials, prepped and laid out all in advance. Fresh tea and coffee, refreshed water, a super lunch – bought in – but made with care and thought to appeal to all tastes.

None of these things were done by me. All contributed to making the training great and an undoubtedly positive experience.

So I’d just like to say a great big, positive thank you!

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